Digital printing, unprecedented opportunities for textile printing and dyeing


For a long time, due to the limitations of traditional crafts, the production of printed products must reach a certain scale and quantity, and enterprises will have benefits. With the development of the economy, the market demand is becoming more diversified and personalized. The emergence of digital printing technology has solved this problem that has long plagued enterprises. The emergence and continuous improvement of digital printing technology has brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity for textile printing and dyeing.

Digital printing technology is challenging traditional printing techniques! With the customer's personalized, small batch, fast delivery, high quality, and more style-oriented terminal needs, it will force abandon the traditional textile printing and dyeing large-scale, slow delivery mode; to save energy, green, Sustainable development-oriented social needs will force industrial transformation and technological upgrading of the traditional textile printing and dyeing industry. Digital printing technology is entering the printing industry in China with the characteristics suitable for these two needs.

Digital printing directly promotes the development of “green textiles” and “green manufacturing”. Because the digital printing is directly loaded into the special box and sprayed on the fabric as needed, it is neither wasteful nor waste water pollution, and the dyeing liquid discharged by the printing machine in the mixing room is eliminated, and the printing process is free from pollution. Film was also omitted. Wire mesh, silver tube and other materials are consumed. It not only reduces the burden on enterprises, but also fulfills the requirements of environmental protection.

Compared with developed countries, the development of digital printing technology in China is seriously lagging behind. Global textile digital inkjet printing has doubled every two years since 2001, showing an accelerated development trend. Digital inkjet printing in Europe has always been at the forefront of the global digital inkjet printing industry. It is the largest demand and production place for digital inkjet printing products. Digital inkjet printing has penetrated into design, clothing, home textiles, car decoration, advertising, and personality. Customized, online shop and other textiles in various fields. Especially in recent years, it has shifted from the design-based proofing mode to the small-batch production mode, and gradually developed into mass production. At present, more than 90% of European printing companies use digital inkjet printing to proof, and the production of digital inkjet printing products has accounted for about 30% of the total output of its printing products.

With the improvement of China's society, economic development, and the improvement of career level, the consumption concept of the textile market has also undergone changes. People's consumption of textiles of “multiple types, intrinsic color, short cycle, emphasis on civilized creativity and environmental protection” has to grow day by day. With the increasing demand for printing, the traditional printing industry has to fundamentally innovate, and the development of digital printing is very large.


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