Yisheng Service

Yisheng services: Yisheng team to provide professional pre-sales consulting, boot training and after-sale technical support services. Service tenet: buy bright sheng machine can make money

Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale Service: 

1.To provide about products, price, technology, information consulting industry application solutions, etc

2. To provide free proofing services 

3. Provide production workshop visit, user field visits and other services

4. According to customer demand for products, rational scheme provides a complete set of production and printing technology

Mount Guard Service

Mount Guard Service

Mount Guard Service: 

1.Free on-site installation and debugging services

2. The operation personnel professional fast on-the-job training for customers

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

After-sales service: 

1.The equipment sold, we for you free installation, free software upgrades, maintenance for life

2. The company staff training free of charge 

3. The machine one year warranty (except wearing parts), life-long maintenance 

4. After-sales response time: if a warranty from you phone, jiangsu 4 hours after the response 

5. After-sales service: can remotely through the network to provide technical support and service for you, including the domestic and foreign customers, mainly through QQ, WeChat, social software such as Teamviewer for remote online quickly intuitive judgment fault, and processed in a timely manner.


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